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Are you struggling to find time to move in ways that fill your cup? Build time into your schedule for YOU!

Join the Heal From Within yoga community to reconnect with your centre and experience the benefits that await you. From increased flexibility and strength to profound serenity and balance, experienced yoga teacher Marinella Nesso will guide you through the magical principles of health and regulation through movement.


Yoga at Home

Looking to start your day with some dedicated you-time? Join Marinella Nesso online from your mat every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 7:00 am EST. 


60 minutes | $14 drop-in or $20 for a week

Yoga in Person

Get breathed, get inspired, get moving and find your JOY! Join experienced yoga facilitator Marinella Nesso at Grateful Den every Saturday at 9:30 am for a 75 minute practice. Located at 390 Dupont Ave, Suite 201. 


75 minutes (60 minute class, 15 minute meditation) | $20 per class.

Memberships available.


Womens Circle - April 19, 2024

As the world continues to evolve, so do we, its inhabitants. In the heart of every woman lies a reservoir of untapped power, resilience, and wisdom waiting to be unearthed. This Friday, let's come together to delve deep, release old paradigms, and ignite the flames of our innate strength.

Join me for a transformative two-hour gathering where we will weave the threads of physiology, somatic movement, and community connection to catalyze our collective healing and empowerment.

🔥 Special Guest: Stefanie TietelmanExperience the transformative power of rhythm with a mesmerizing 7-minute drum meditation led by the talented Stefanie Tietelman. Allow the beats to guide you deeper into your essence, awakening your inner power.

Event Highlights:

🔥 Storytelling: The Matchstick Girl
Embark on a journey through the tale of the Matchstick Girl, a story that resonates with many of us, illustrating the resilience and tenacity of the feminine spirit.

🔥 Setting Intentions
Together, we will create a sacred space to articulate our intentions, planting the seeds for personal and collective growth.

🔥 Somatic Movement
Engage in a liberating dance of self-expression, connecting with your body's wisdom and releasing stagnant energies.

Let go of old patterns of the patriarchy (another word for this could be "dominance culture") that no longer serve you and step into a space of empowerment, sisterhood, and authentic connection.

Shared Experiences of Transformative Care

“Marinella is one of the best health practitioners I've ever had! She's kind, precise, professional, and wholistic, and I always leave her office feeling noticeably better. Every time I visit Toronto, I make it a point to see her for a "tune-up", and she's great at acute issues too. I have recommended her to others in the past and will continue to do so."

- Maia

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