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Marinella Nesso is a registered osteopath and experienced certified yoga instructor. Her manual therapy sessions help heal, strengthen and optimize health and well-being, and her yoga classes are full of playful exploration.


She completed her initial yoga teacher training in 2003 and has since trained, taught and assisted around the world, working with instructors such as Sianna Sherman, Todd Norian, Darren Rhodes, and Jai Dev Singh to name a few. Her course, Yoga as a Healing Modality, brings teachers into a deeper understanding of breath work, touch therapy, and neuro-lymphatic exercises to support well-being and general health. 


As an osteopath since 2015, Marinella combines her knowledge of anatomy, functional movement, and the body’s ability to heal itself into her approach to treatment and yoga instruction. Her understanding and ability to assist body mechanics in relationship with movement, emotions and lived experience offer her patients a truly unique and holistic experience.


Most importantly, she kindly guides her patients to a self-care practice that is self-honouring and full of potential for transformation and discovery.


“Marinella is one of the best health practitioners I've ever had! She's kind, precise, professional, and wholistic, and I always leave her office feeling noticeably better. Every time I visit Toronto, I make it a point to see her for a "tune-up", and she's great at acute issues too. I have recommended her to others in the past and will continue to do so."

- Maia

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